Trip down memory lane

by Cobretti

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Role at Get your Vinyl/CD at


released June 24, 2011



all rights reserved


Cobretti Köln, Germany

True to ourselves since 2002. Three records and two demoes are launched into the world so far. Nothing more, nothing less!
Don't expect your average fashionable hardcore-band, theres more on the menu. Lyrics mostly deal with personal issues, attitude also to mention.

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Track Name: Remorse

I throw it back on the ground
just to see if you pick it up for me
and let me throw again

you´re smiling with dignity
even though your affection is not returned by me

now i´m feelin ashamed
i can´t call it off
but i´m tryin to better myself

so i swear that i will never forget
the sweet embraces that i didn´t expect
and i know that you´ll never regret
all the mistakes that i made instead

No goals
you gave me hold when i had nothing at all
you define me

i won´t pretend to be cured
i´m gonna try to make the most of my life
i get up and check the facilities
forget all these wasted opportunities

this is not the last chance
i got you on my back
and i´m willing to never look back
at my once ugly face again
Track Name: Choice of ends
don´t you wish to fall in oblivion ?
we´ll make sure that you never will

you´ll never be forsaken
we are the relentless avengers
that won´t get off your back
so there´s no chance to flee
matter of urgency

your stooges define down your purpose
blind trust is what they chose
it´s never easy to hold off your demise
but that only shows
we´re still alive
Track Name: From this day on
From this day on, we´re gonna rise
destroy the walls, to stay alive
just break it down, brick by brick
and if you think there´s no reason why
just take a look around, and then i´ll show you how
you get a view out of the cage

whenever you´re clever enough
to notice they´re all in with a bluff
you gotta change your course
it can´t get much worse
and you´ll be the last who laughs

the consequence is a life that´s rough
you gotta be strong and tough
in the end you´ll see
that you´ll get free
on a trip with no climb down

to the point of no return
but the price you pay
is less than what you earn
Track Name: The four eyes principle
we made this life worth living
couldn´t be stopped at any time
you told me that the seed is planted
but now we´re losing sight

where are we now ?
and where will we go ?
will i keep on fighting
a fight i can´t win ?

So don´t take everything for granted that i never said or did
there´s no need to look surprised

i rise
chasing the best of our times

where is your aim ?
what´s that you gain ?
How can you assert that i want the same
i guess you never knew
and now i´m askin` you

where are we now ?
Where will we go ?

i´m not the traitor
Track Name: Birds of a feather
We shared our fortune a long time
we slept while you were at the wheel
in countless odysseys
More than a pleasant company
we grew like brothers in defeat
in absence of cliches

this is the best of all bad times
this is the final stage to dive
we wanna laugh but start to cry
but you´ll be never out of sight
and everything you left behind

what about sunrise
what about rain

refuse to stay sober
and list your sins
celebrate no bitter end
we´re thinkin about the good old times
but soon we recognize
that you and us will never die
Track Name: Trip down memory lane
what once attracted attention
cannot stain the shades of grey
the last impressing moment
is more than far away
there´s no will to change
he doesn´t really want to take the risk to stray
lost all ambition
and waits for better days

on the pictures is settled dust
and the trophies lightly rust
he´s waiting for the phone to ring
he never wanted to be the second string
there was so much to come (in his life)
now he is all alone
everything was calm and warm
now he´s chilled to the bone

commited to the glorious past
he´s rotting fast
mindtrapped in yesterday
nobody takes his doubts away
he never learned to change the lane
now he´s gone chronically insane
only the memorys will last

the addiction to monotony
is what keeps him alive

he´s searching blindfolded for the key
that will unchain his heart
and light the dark
Track Name: Better off than dead
You made it all work right
you said it lasts a thousand times from now
but i will not forget
the thousand times before

you fear that i come clean
you act so abnormally ambitious
but you´re plan will only work
without me

And so we´re better off than dead
reclaim the silence

not anymore
it´s all been said before
do not accuse me false modesty
i´m preferring to be save
than depraved

and so we´re better off than dead
reclaim the silence
raving mad
i will not follow you on demand
it´s such a lonely place
where you stand
Track Name: First day alive
i used to run so fast
that i forgot the ones that i passed by
but never reached my goal in time
my friend
so i decided that it´s better to stop by
and lay myself down for a while

this system never fails
for those who run headless
i touch the ground on which i stand
make sure that i´m alive
and watch the rushing crowd that slowly dies inside
on my first day alive

i used to carry things around
now i put things in order

i was stuck in this dark kingdom
now i may have reached the border
Track Name: What do you see through the heart of your glasses
„it’s almost impossible to look into your head and right now it seems even harder, cause you got your brandnew sunglasses on. moments have passed, the question is still unasked and you have already left.“
Track Name: Topical state of mind
i´ve lost my passion
to quest the stars
i felt affected
and all worn out
i quitted being loud

the pain it didn´t grow
but it became so constant
my heart kept beating on
but i didn´t really care

i´m not illuminated
in any sense of the word
but i´ll never be able
to sedate myself
i´ll always have a point of view

if this is getting old
then i´ll fight to be young at heart
the childish ways i walk
will always make sense to me

i prefer to die in glory days
then live a life that´s billable
i´ll never question my standards ... again

nothing i would change

i´m holding on
and move along
even though i´ll never have time
to enjoy the advantages in life
when others will never have access to mine