by Cobretti

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Role at Get your Vinyl/CD at


released January 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Cobretti Köln, Germany

True to ourselves since 2002. Three records and two demoes are launched into the world so far. Nothing more, nothing less!
Don't expect your average fashionable hardcore-band, theres more on the menu. Lyrics mostly deal with personal issues, attitude also to mention.

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Track Name: X
it´s part of me
it´s part of you

i wish you´d ever know

it´s nothing spiritual

it´s part of me
and will always be a part of you

there´ll always be a difference between
what we got
and what we know
Track Name: The attitude account
Some people never saw the spark
because they´re hangin` on the telephone
some people never listened to floyd
because the anthems everything they know

i´m everything else than a misanthrope
but i´m close to abandon
when people care less about each other
than the broadcast of a tv-show

and i´m wondering if they have a clue
that the life they got
is clearly represented
in the assortment of a 24 hour shop

is this really yhat you want to be ?
or resignation of a fate
stranger things have been known to happen
to get a life

i keep on dancing
although the music`s already stopped
it´s not just hedonism
it´s the attitude that i got
i want a life
i want identity
for everyone
Track Name: Seriousness will tear us apart
i´m getting routine in looking back
doesn´t make it any easier
but at the times we were young at heart
we never thought about finishing
what we started

who am i to give you piece of advice
remembrance of good times keep us alive

we found ourselves to never fall apart
but we knew this day´d come
just right from the start
no paper fits between our hearts
the sweetness of our common scars won´t pass
lets chug-a-lug this drop of bitterness
and let the cat out of the bag

we spent our time with thinking
about things that we could piss in
didn´t took a beaten track
we stroke our own new path
never sailed close to the wind
we´re crossing all the borders

tonight we cheer the times ahead
just staying who we are
im sure you´ll always let me in
i knew that from the start
Track Name: Valueless
Again you´re leaving
you found a new ambush
old circumstances
shortly after you showed up
you had the chance to make up
again you failed
your physical presence is valueless
if your passion is absent

your promises just always sound the same
i still doubt the silence
your sincerness deserves an academy award

and now i blame you
i forgive you
i wish i wouldn´t care
but i still love you

i keep on trying
trying to believe
that you stop trouble me
and conquer your disease
but i can´t offer you any aid
it´s up to you to recompense
Track Name: Courtesy is the safest form of contempt
I got an unpleasant feeling
wich i can´t specify
seems like a vague rumour
with a certain meaning

where are the answers
that satisfy my thirst
i´m filled with curiosity
and i´m about to burst

and i´m not alone

i want to knock a hole in this wall
i´ll quite this babble down
false colours have no beauty
this is no conspiracy just systematic stultification
but we´ll always stay smart